Pages of history

This rare collection of books has been been growing with us since we opened our doors in 1948.

The entire library is available for viewing at our showroom located at Fir and 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, so please feel free to drop in and have a look for yourself.

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The Romance of the Oriental Rug
Turkish Flat Weaves
Woven Wonder Eternal India
Oriental Rugs - A Complete Guide
Oriental Rugs
Art Deco and Modernist Carpets
Kilim The Complete Guide
The Splendour of Antique Runs and Tapestries
The Root of Wild Madder
Kilims : Decorating with Tribal Rugs
The Bulfinch Guide to Carpets
Egyptian Carpets
Oriental Rugs : An Updated Guide
A Photographic Study Guide for Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rugs and the Stories They Tell
Oriental Rugs : Antique & Modern
Oriental Rugs and Carpets Today